Advice Regarding The Dachshund Dog Breed

The dachshund is one of the more affectionate dogs you can have in your home with children. When you are considering offering a home to this dog breed it is important that you understand the grooming, training, and care needed. You will find all the information you need to make a sound decision below. The dachshund is a very small dog and often referred to as a Weiner dog because of their shape. The dachshund is a very sleek looking dog that rises about 5 to 9 inches off of the ground.

A health dachshund should never be more than 20 pounds, most usually they are about 11 pounds. You will find this breed is typically cream, white, black, or tan. They can also be a mix of colours like black and tan.

It will depend on what the parents looked like as to what colour they may be. You will find that the dachshund has floppy ears and a silk appearance to the coat. The coat or hair is going to be short and very easy to groom. In fact when you consider the care of these dogs you will find that they do not need to be groomed, but once a week to help remove any dead or loose hair they may be carrying around. They have a muscular body that offers a sleek look about them and their muzzle is generally narrow and long.

Dachshund dogs are usually very affectionate pets. You will find they do really well in families with little children as well with other types of pets. They are a loyal and intelligent breed that has often been used for hunting badgers, foxes, and otters. The dachshund can even be a good watchdog. They tend to bark a little more than some of the other dog breeds, but most usually on the approach of a stranger or car at the residence. You will find that the dachshund characteristics mean that they will be dominant unless it is trained out of them.

The intelligence of this dog breed will allow its training to go rather easily once obedience has been seen too. During obedience they may be a little stubborn. They also need socialization training to make sure they do well around children and other pets. It is best to train this dog with a consistent, gentle, but firm hand. Most dogs are very sensitive so you should never be unduly harsh.

The proper care of a dachshund means that you give them the proper nutrition daily and offer a short walk on a daily basis. The dachshund, unless you prod it tends to be more of a docile creature. They can exhibit energy, but most often they will be content to sit at your feet and play with a toy every now and then. They do well in apartments for this very reason. If you have a backyard they will go out and play every once in a while.

They tend to overeat, and the lack of exercise can make them over weight. It is important to set up a feeding regime with these dogs rather than leave the food out during the day. You should always give them plenty of water though. Some of the problems a dachshund can have include skin irritations, heart disease, and back issues. Since they are prone to back issues it is important that they do not jump a lot when they are playing. In other words you should never hold up a toy and have them jump three or four feet to try and get it.

Gerry Ronson has been working with dogs for over 20 years and now works as a writer for the websites Dog Supplies and Buster Cube.


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