All About Dog Food

As you may imagine part of dog care is the basics of dog food. Most dogs have different stages of growth like humans, so they need different foods at those different stages. Some does have trouble with their digestive tracts and need to have specialized dog food. To compare dog food you need to know what most are made of, the cost, and why they are considered best for your dog.

Keep in mind that puppy food is going to be softer and have a higher nutritional value for the growing dog than some of the other foods. Larger dogs will need an increase in certain ingredients, which accounts for the adult dog food. Most dog food is plant or animal material that has been ground up for the dog to eat. Depending on the type of dog and their system you may even find food from the grocery store or health food stores is better for them than the actual dog food you can purchase.

Speaking with a vet about the dog food brands is a great way to learn what they consider to be the best for your dog breed. You will also find a choice between dry and wet dog food. Each will have its own benefit and you may find combining them is the best way to feed your dog the appropriate nutrition. Purina, Pedigree, and Pet Pride are just three of the top dog foods you will find in the stores. The contents of these three dog foods involve meat by products, meat and bone meals, grain, and horse meat. The less expensive brands are going to have fake substitutes for the dog food with a lot of grain fillers.

This means your dog is not going to have the proper amount of nutrition in their meals. Before you purchase any dog food you need to read the ingredients of the package to find out what they have used and how much nutrition is actually to be found in the dog food. Purina and Pedigree have several different options when you consider dog food. You will find healthy dog food, their regular brands, and different levels of dog food.

These two are the best brands on the market for considering nutrition. Dog food ingredients you will find in Purina or Pedigree include chicken, wheat, corn, lamb, beef, whitefish, venison, duck, rice, barley, potato, quinoa, buffalo, fruits such as apples and berries, salmon, carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Depending on your dogs need you will find that some of these ingredients are found only in the allergenic specialty foods.

Specialty foods for weight management, arthritis, breeding, dental conditions, diabetes, nursing females, and senior needs are also available. All dog food is inspected by the food and drug administration to help make sure the meat and other ingredients are good. They also make sure that drugs are not involved in the process and that the food stays healthy and clean.

If you are going to raw feed your dog you need to make sure you are buying healthy food that is stamped by the Paw Naturaw symbol as they inspect the meat to make sure it is not contaminated. It is not always a large deal, but sometimes brands have been recalled due to bad batches. You will find that recently there was a recall due to wheat gluten from a Chinese company. Dog care is extremely important and feeding your dog properly is going to determine whether they live a healthy full life or become sick.

Monitoring what your pet eats and making sure to keep human food off the menu is important. There are certain products dogs can eat and others they should not touch. Dogs often suffer from cholesterol issues because of human food full of fat and grease.

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