The Call of the Wild - Is your little Fido really a wolf at heart? Scientists now agree that the lineage of all dogs can be traced back to the wolf.

Coonhound What Kind is Yours - Coonhound is typically a very generic term used to describe any of several breeds that are used in hunting raccoons.

Housetraining Your Pit Bull - Housetraining your pit bull will be the first order of business when you bring your new puppy home.

What You Must Do To Have A Happy Cat - Do you like to learn about new and interesting things? If so, this article will be right up your alley.

The Redheads of the Dog World The Irish Setter - The wonderful, deep red coloring of the Irish Setter is one of the most notable features of this breed.

Are These Five Killers Chasing Your Cat - Nip these Common Cat Ailments in the bud before they wreak havoc on your pet's life.

How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Barking - I guess that when you own a dog, the barking comes with the territory.

Moving House Cats and the Settling in Period - Moving house can be a very stressful time for your cat.

Pug Breeders Everything Youll Ever Need To Know - As the pug becomes more and more popular everyday, new breeders start to show up all over the country and the rest of the world.

Have you Checked your Dogs Teeth Recently - A huge number of dogs out there are in desperate need of dental treatment.

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