Before You Send Your Pet to a Dog Boarding Facility

Often, you tend to become busy and simply cannot afford to have the sufficient time to spend with your pet. Or you are in vacation and may not tag your pet along with you. This in effect will become detrimental to your dog's over-all well being as he may not be given the proper care and assistance he needs. Dogs nowadays are no longer like their predecessors (the wild dog breeds). Unlike them, they need to be constantly taken care of and their maintenance is a must.

Given that these two factors are lacking, the dog may become too unhealthy and susceptible to the variety of diseases that abounds. However, dog boarding is now rising in popularity and is designed to provide your pet with sufficient care in case you are not on the look out to give him the companionship he needs. Or you are on Instead of having your pal stay alone in your home, it is a better option if you would enter him in a dog boarding program.

Wherein he'll be properly taken care for and you will be assured of your peace of mind that your dog gets expert dog guardianship. To assure that your dog gets the best standard a dog boarding program may give, compiled below are some guidelines that you may follow in evaluating a top-rate dog boarding facility: Foremost, contact the dog boarding facility that you are interested of. Check for their availability. Particularly, there are certain dog boarding kennels that are fully booked during holidays and vacation periods. Additionally, ensure to it that if your pet needs special care you have them informed to the dog boarding staff so that his special needs maybe sufficiently addressed. Once you are through with this, you can go further as to evaluate the facilities of the dog boarding kennels themselves.

By this, you may visit or tour around the place. Depending on your own preference, you may visit them announced or unannounced, both ways may be appropriate as they have their own pro's and con's. Typically, an unannounced visit will provide you with a more realistic site of their dog boarding facilities but some may not accommodate you better by this. In most cases, most facilities require you to arrange an appointment. Once you're in there, be observant in checking out things. Check their facilities and equipment.

The crates should be large enough for your pet and the dogs must be kept in separate cages as to prevent the stress of barking. Check the food they fed to the dogs, some may allow you to bring in your own food. Also, take note if they have separate drinking bowls and the schedules for giving the animals their food. Also, see where the dog gets to exercise and who attends to them. Additionally, it is best if you inquire for the policies of the dog boarding facility and their specific issues on health. Check if all dogs get to be immunized and what are their criteria before your dog gets accommodated.

It is with equal importance that the staff of the boarding facility has sufficient training whereas they can properly determine if the pets in their custody are becoming unhealthy or may be needing extra assistance. A veterinarian or two (depending on the volume of the dogs) must be at hand to extend professional check-ups and see also that they are certified. Once these are all done and you are now ready to send your dog to the dog boarding kennel, allow some familiar things to come along with him like a dog toy or his usual blanket as to provide familiarity in the new place. Also, make you farewell short so he wont have hints that he will be left in the place for quite a time.

S. Stammberger is the owner of Dog Plaza. Her website offers a vast selection of dog resource. Including dog information, dog training ideas, and dog care.


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