Chinese Pugs Learn All The Secrets

There are so many different breeds of dogs these days and all of them different in every way shape and form. One of the most amazing breeds of dogs is the pug. There is a lot that people don't know about pugs, for starters where did they originate from? Well, pugs come out of China were they were originally the lap dogs of the Chinese Emperor back when China was run by dynasties. There are many portraits of Chinese Emperors sitting at their thrones with two pugs either side. What Types of Pugs Are There It is common today to see a few different types of pugs around the place.

Many people will know about black pugs and the common white pug, but many have never heard of the Chinese pug. The Chinese pug is in fact exactly the same as the Western pug but many people traditionally call them the Chinese pug because that is there proper name. This is usually the hardcore breeders whose livelihood is based around breeding the most traditional looking pugs possible.

Most breeders in fact are so traditional that they actually believe that the pugs they have are the original Chinese pugs because of their difference in appearance. So What Makes a Chinese Pug? Well a Chinese pug must have a certain appearance that is distinct in every way possible. First of all the snout on a Chinese pug is usually condensed into it's face, more so than the usual pug. This however can cause breathing complications later on down the track.

Generally speaking, the Chinese pug is classified as being much stockier than usual, with short legs and a short thick body. This particular stature of pug is generally more fat than usual and you must be careful to make sure they are not fed too much as they will tend not to live as long as what they are supposed too. So How Long Do They Live For? Most pugs live for up to 14 years of age, but the Chinese pug lives for only 12 depending on its body type.

This is again due to breathing complications and also the fact that they are usually overweight to some degree. If you have a pug that resembles the look and form of the traditional Chinese pug, be extra careful when the temperature rises to a high level and also don't feed them anymore than what they need. You will notice that they are always hungry, but don't give in.

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