Different Dog Bowls Different Results

Finding the right dog bowl for your best friend isn't difficult. However buying improper dog bowls for your dogs can become problematic. You'll want to make sure you get the right shape and size in diameter compared to the size of the dog.

You'll want to prevent this by looking at a bowl's dimensions and figuring out which size bowl is right for your dog. For a large dog, you'll want a bowl around 10-12 inches in diameter. A small dog needs a bowl between 4-6 inches in diameter and a mid sized dog should fall in the middle of the other two. Many times if the dog is too large for any given bowl they begin the scoot the dish across the kitchen floor which can lead to skidding.

A solution to this problem is first, by a larger bowl for your dog. This allows your pet more access to the food in the container and he or she isn't having to force their snout to the bottom of the bowl to eat. Secondly consider buying a non skid dog bowl. These heavy bowls help prevent the dog from moving the dish and often times contain small pads on the bottom of the dog bowl to further increase its staying power. Another significant issue that can occur when feeding your dog, is the bowl tipping.

Bowl tipping can be a very irritating problem. Basically, while your dog begins eating the end up tipping the bowl over. A very nice solution to this problem is to buy a non-tip dog bowl, which as you may have guessed will prevent your dog from tipping the bowl over. This will solve two problems, you'll be happier and your pet won't be running all over trying to pick up the pieces of food it just tipped over.

Another problem when dog bowl selecting is buying bowls if you have multiple puppies. This can get expensive so an easy solution is to buy a flying saucer style of the bowl. The flying saucer bowls usually come in stainless steel and can be accessed from all sides.

In the middle of the bowl is a raised nose which makes this dog bowl look similar to a bunt cake pan. This type of dog bowl allows your puppies access to the food from every side, making this the perfect bowl for multiple pets. You may also consider using a double diner dog bowl when you have more than one small dog or puppy. Double diners sit into a small platform and are two bowls in either side of each other. The double diner allows your dogs to eat side by side at dinner time, which is great for tiny dogs.

If you are going away on vacation for a few days or prefer to fill up your dog bowl and not have to deal with refilling it every other day then this next dog bowl may be perfect for you. Twenty-four hour dog feeders are ideal for owners who have trouble feeding their dog every single day or just prefer not to. You fill the dispenser with dog food and food is automatically refilled into the dog's dish. This helps prevent fast eating dogs from eating to hurriedly. As the food flows slowly into the bowl. Decorative designer dog bowls also exist for anyone who prefers their house and dog dish have style together.

Often times designer dog bowls are made of stoneware or ceramics. However, these types of dog bowls can be purchased in many different shapes, styles and sizes. In the future if you are shopping for a dog bowl keep these tips in mind. Finding the perfect bowl for your dog will also benefit you and the needs of your household.

Most dog bowls are inexpensive and replaceable quickly.

Mike Brown- Finding the right dog bowl for your dog is important.
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