Discover Probiotics Nutrition For Awesome Canine Health

Parasitic infections are common among puppies and are symptomatic, as the dog or puppy will experience diarrhea, vomiting, and show a potbelly, which is often perceived as being "cute". Another indicator of a possible parasite or bacterial infection is poor coat quality or other general signs of bad health. Get the vet to take a stool sample if you feel that your animal has a parasite. It's wise to be aware of what could be contained in that raw diet, but it is not cause for alarm. Many people and their pets are experiencing brilliant success feeding raw food.

Some dog nutritional "experts" recommend cooking to kill parasites in raw food, saying that it is necessary to help the digestibility of the protein. This is simply not true. Healthy dogs have powerful immune systems that are built to fight off many types of parasites, so infestations are not always going to be harmful.

Yearly checks for heartworm and flea control as part of a complete regimen of anti-parasite treatment will keep your pet safe. It's good to have the ability to know the signals though just in case - diarrhea may be an indicator of parasites or food poisoning. Parasites and infections are very painful and bothersome to your pet and can lead to more severe ailments if not treated properly. You need not purchase nutritional supplements if you are confident that your dogs diet is enough. However, a dog nutrition supplement like FortiFlora, an excellent probiotic for dogs, provides support to their digestion and immune system. Similar to the case with humans, nutritional and health aids can be used to improve immunity, avoid disease, and foster good health.

Researching the ingredients in the food you feed your dog is a good idea, as most brands of dog food fail to provide a healthy diet. Since ingredients including vegetables, fruits, and grains, the nutritional value of corn and fruit are becoming more prevalent among many dog foods, now is the time that you should really look into your options. You will find the answers using research and what you really feel is the right choice. The major problem is that many brands which claim to be the perfect nutritional diet, vitamin, supplement etc.

may not be founded on fact, so do your research. Obviously, as well as supplements, dog nutrition is vital and in most cases a daily or weekly dose of canine vitamins and daily probiotics should be the only supplements required for most pets with a general level of activity.

About the author: Rebecca Foxton can help you give your dog or cat brilliant health with FortiFlora. For an useful source of nutrition tips for people with dogs and cats visit her Purina FortiFlora article series on Dog Buffs.


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