Discover Raw Power In Pet Foods For Brilliant Health

In an interesting but silly trend, we have tried to make your canine friends eat more like us, but the tide has turned and for both humans and animals, the focus is on eating more raw food. Many people now realize that processed foods are in fact most likely responsible for poor health in your animal, and that raw food diets more closely imitate a dog's natural diet. You can choose from among many premium grade lines and enjoy the benefits of not only having all of the nutritional calculations worked out as to ensure that your dog gets what he needs, but also of avoiding any messy preparation for yourself. So what are the choices that are available to your pet? In addition to being beneficial to their health, it will also be a real treat for your pet. With legions of happy pet owners talking about how it has vastly improved their pets' health, perhaps even cured them of longstanding illnesses, Natures Variety Raw Food Diets is a favorite of many.

Available in patties and small medallions, Natures Variety is high in protein, with 5% organic sprouts, fruits and vegetables, and a range of ingredients from squash and blueberries to quail and pheasant eggs. Becoming more prevalent are bone and meat product snacks which are available ranging from organic to free-range to chemical free. Natures Variety, Primal Petfoods and Raw Advantage each offer poultry neck products as well.

FarMore Raw Frozen Buffalo Bones are just the thing for those energetic chewers. Bones from non-medicated, free-range animals provide marrow and essential nutrients. If you are looking for all natural food try raw beef bones from Primal Pet Foods and Raw Advantage. With its vast array of available foods, Raw Advantage would seem to be leading the pack in the raw foods race. While its Organic Dinner for Dogs is made from less exotic ingredients than some of its competitors, it does include a premium line of free-range, organic, hormone and pesticide-free food, including kelp and garlic, thus making it a natural body cleanser. Raw Advantage Organic Only Meat goes a step further in including the freshest chemical free meat, organs and offal.

If grain will work, consider the organic products made by Raw Advantage Organic Rock Island Raw, which mix meat with millet and oats. Primal Pet Foods use 100% human grade organic and chemical free ingredients to imitate diets of the wild. Primal is not only enriched with excellent sources of anti-oxidants and minerals like coconut oil, kelp and cranberries, but its meat is guaranteed to have been fed an all natural vegetarian diet. Natures Logic is a less expensive option, offering a product that is over 90% meat/poultry, grain and gluten free but with ground eggshells added as to provide an additional source of calcium.

Northwest Naturals is available in beef, chicken, turkey, salmon or bison formulas either in dinner nuggets or frozen bars sectioned into portions. Its formulas are fortified through added minerals, high in vitamin-rich ingredients and protein. Bravo Raw Food Diets provide a good base into which other supplements can be included, giving owners more control over their dog's diet.

About the author: Rebecca Foxton wants to help you bring your pet brilliant health with FortiFlora. Check out her nutrition tips for people with dogs and cats and visit her Raw Dog Food articles on Dog Buffs.


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