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According to the new law that would come in force from April 2008, all the new commercial buildings would require an Energy Performance Certificate. If you are making a new building which is above 500 sqm, and plan to rent it or sell it then you need to get this certificate. However, temporary buildings and sheds do not require this certificate. This Energy Performance Certificate indicates the official rating of the energy efficiency of the building. If the building has an efficient energy provision then the carbon emitted by it would be less and it would not be very harmful for the environment.

At the same time, this would help you to save money by reducing the electricity bills. The EPC also includes details related to the date, location and the construction of the house along with information related to the fittings installed. A building under construction also requires an Energy Performance Certificate. To get this certificate, you can contact a qualified EPC consultant.

When you sell the building to a new owner, you need to hand over the Energy Performance Certificate to him. If you plan to rent the building to a tenant then he should also have access to this Energy Performance Certificate. For the certificate, the building needs to be surveyed by an Energy Performance Certificate assessor. He would survey the building first and observe factors like the insulation in the roof, lighting, boiler and other such things in the building.

These factors are responsible for the energy performance of a building. He would collect data relevant to this and feed it in a computer. The computer would evaluate this information and provide a report on it. This report would rate the energy performance of the building. The EPC rating can be done by an accredited Energy Performance Certificate assessor only.

The certificate would also provide you ways by which you can improve the energy performance of the company which in turn would save the environment as well as the money spent on bills. With these Energy Performance Certificates you can know about energy performance of the building and can assess it. It helps in controlling the amount of carbon emitted in the atmosphere by a building. According to the survey done by the Energy Performance Certificate assessor, the building is rated on a scale of A to G where 'A' grade is excellent efficiency. In case you get a G rating, it means that the energy efficiency of the building is not good and at the same time is very expensive To get the Energy Performance Certificate you can consult Wilbourn Associates at www.environmental-surveyors.

com. They are UK's leading environment consultants who have a group of accredited EPC assessors under them.

Jason Gardner is a well known author who writes articles for Wilbourn Associates, the UK's leading resource for Chartered Environmental Land Consultants, Remediation Management Services and provider of Energy Performance Cerificate. For more information please visit


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