Favorite Small Dog Breeds in

Are you thinking of getting a small dog? Are you wondering what the most popular small dog breeds are? And why do so many people prefer a small dog? People get small dogs for various reasons. It could be they enjoy a small dog that is easier to handle, easier to travel with, and cheaper to feed. Many who live in cities prefer a small dog because they don't have a lot of living space. These are all good reasons to get a small dog. Others reasons could include that you want a lapdog. Almost every breed listed here makes an excellent lapdog.

They all make great companions. What are the most favorite small dog breeds? It might interest you to know that the second most popular dog in the United States is a small dog. According to the AKC the Yorkshire Terrier jumped from third favorite to second favorite in 2006. They overtook Golden Retrievers for that second spot.

It should really come as no surprise that these little dogs are adored by so many people. With their zesty personality and penchant for adventure, they are a very fun and playful dog breed. Second most popular small dog is the Dachshund. Weighing in at just eleven pounds they are the sixth favorite dog in the United States.

They, too, have a bold and adventurous personality. The Poodle comes next at position eight. They weigh only four to eight pounds, just right for sitting in your lap and being your companion (both of which they love to do). If you get a Poodle you will find they want to be wherever you are. Like the other small dog breeds they should not be left outdoors. They cannot tolerate cold, and they will be miserable if separated from their family.

The next most favorite small dog is the Shih Tzu, ninth most favorite dog in the United States. These dogs were originally bred to be lapdogs, so if you want a dog that is affectionate, will sit happily in your lap, and loves children, this is a good choice. The Miniature Schnauzer is the tenth favorite dog. These dogs weigh about 14 pounds and love to be included in everything the family does. Like many terriers it is a great watchdog, but because of its size it has little protection ability.

The Miniature Schnauzer is also a good dog with children, like the Shih Tzu, and very affectionate, just like the next most popular breed, the Chihuahua. Chihuahuas are the eleventh most popular dog breed in the United States, and make great companions. Most insist on being wherever you are, and will follow you throughout the house. Chihuahuas tend to be intensely devoted to one person. There are some who will only love that one person and others who will love the entire family. Pugs are the next most favorite small dog breed, appearing at number 13 on the AKC list.

They are also great companions, and love to sit in your lap. The Pug cannot tolerate heat or humidity. In fact, heat will kill them faster than it does other breeds because of their pushed in snout. So if you live in a hot climate keep that in mind.

Pomeranians and Boston Terriers are numbers 14 and 15. Pomeranians weigh only about five pounds and Boston Terriers weigh about 15 pounds, although some are larger. Like many of the small breeds, these two also make excellent companions and lapdogs, and want to be with their family. Like the other small dogs, they should not live outdoors. The Maltese is the tenth most favorite small breed. They rose to position 18 on the AKC's most popular dog breed list in 2006.

And like the other small dogs, they also love to be your companion and sit in your lap. So there they are, the ten most popular small dog breeds. After learning a little about them, they are basically lapdogs, companion dogs, and indoor dogs.

These dogs are each precious and each can make a wonderful pet if you are willing to share your life with them and give them the love and attention they require.

Carol Stack lives with her husband, children, four dogs and seven cats in the United States. Carol and her daughter Christy are working on a Web site that focuses on dog breeds, dog care and dog training. To find answers to your doggy questions visit


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