Guide to Dangerous Treats for Dogs

It is human nature to want to feed anything that has a mouth and digestive system. Zoos have to resort to posting signs warning people not to feed animals. At home, treats for dogs satisfy that primal urge to feed.

While the occasional treats for dogs is pleasurable for both dog and master, both have to be careful with what is fed. You can accidently feed your pet chocolate until you finish readig this article about what not to feed your pet. Chocolate is one of the ultimate culinary pleasures for humans, but chocolate does not qualify as treats for dogs. While dogs enjoy the flavor of chocolate, it can be harmful to pets. Chocolate has theobromine, which is a chemical stimulant.

Dogs are not able to metabolize theobromine. As a result, it can linger in the bloodstream for almost a full day. The effect can be an increased heartbeat, severe diarrhea, epileptic seizures, hallucinations, heart attack, and eventually can end in a fatality. Accidental ingestion of chocolate generally isn't a large concern if the amount is small, such as a Hershey Kiss. You will want to contact a veterinarian should that happen. Usually, they will recommend that you induce vomiting.

However, a chocolate bar might be just enough to make a small dog very sick, or even cause its death. Some dog treat manufacturers actually make chocolate treats for dogs. However, they have been mixed in such as way that is not harmful to your pet.

Also, carob resembles chocolate but is not related. It is safe for your pet's consumption. You can learn a lot more from your neighborhood vet or pet store.

These are the two best references, besides a book, on information concerning your pet's health. Grapes and raisins are also known to be dangerous to dogs. Feeding a dog grapes or raisins can cause acute renal failure and can potentially be fatal. Even one raisin can be enough to kill a small ten-pound dog. Some much larger dogs, however, can eat a pound of raisins or grapes without any effect. A few hours after ingesting grapes or raisins, the dog may begin to vomit.

Three to five days later, signs of renal failure begin to surface. You don't want to hurt your dog any more than hurting a best friend because you have an emotional attachment. If unsure about what kind of treat to feed a dog, play it safe and give them a dog biscuit.

Keep grapes, raisins, and chocolates away from the reach of pets. Some pets will get into these things if left out where the dog can easily access them.

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