House Training Your Pomeranian

Pomeranians are lively intelligent dogs that are easily trained, but like many small dogs housebreaking a Pom can be a bit of a challenge. The key to successfully potty training your Pom is to start early and maintain a structured and organized training schedule. One thing you have going in your favor is that Pomeranians, like all other dogs, are very clean by nature.

They do not like to soil the areas where they sleep and eat. Also, dogs instinctively develop habits about where they do their business. Some dogs like to go on grass, others on gravel.

Finding out what your dogs prefers and using that to your advantage can help in your house training task. The first step in house training your Pomeranian is to set up the training area. Since dogs don't like to soil there bedding, you need a confined area such as a crate or small room like a bathroom. When using a crate, make sure the dog has enough room to move around - you can't expect your Pomeranian to be happy in a small confining crate for the duration of the house breaking period. You need to spend as much time in the training area with your Pom as possible.

Play with the dog in there and feed the dog there as well. Make sure your dog has a nice bed and can feel all comfy in the area. Don't get discouraged if the dog does eliminate in the area at first - once he recognizes this as his own space he will be reluctant to do so.

You can let the dog out in other areas when you are able to watch him, but when you are not home, keep your dog confined to "his area". Next you need to set up the toilet area. This needs to be a place that your dog can get to every time he has to eliminate. You need to watch the dog and accompany him to the toilet area each time he looks like he is going to eliminate. Of course, praise him when he does so he gets the idea that going there is a good thing.

If you put your dog on a set feeding schedule it will become easy to predict when your dog has to eliminate. Once the dog is using the toilet area pretty consistently and is not going in his training area, you can expand out to the rest of the home. Widen his training area a little at a time always keeping an eye out to make sure he only eliminates in the toilet area. When you expand into a new area, stay with your dog as much as possible.

It may be necessary to put the dog back in the training area when you are not home until he recognizes that the new area is also his "space" and does not try to eliminate there.

Lee Dobbins is a pomeranian owner and dog lover. Visit her site for more dog care articles and training tips.


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