How to Get my Dog to Play Fetch

Playing with your dog can be part of a family program and a time to take a break from your hectic week. Your family and companion can play in the park catching Frisbees or running with your kid. The only thing is if your puppy does not know how to play fetch then how do you best teach this so that your dog and your family can get the best enjoyment together. Worry not as this article will provide a simple guide on how to teach your dog to play fetch as part of a dog obedience program.

It is always a great idea to start obedience training at an early stage. It is even better if you start when the puppy is still very young. The ideal age to start teaching your puppy is four months old, although it may vary from different dog breeds. Larger dogs might need to start earlier. As part of the training to teach your dog to play fetch, start the syllabus by picking up exciting toys. A perfect example for an exciting toy is a squeaky toy.

When you show this toy to the dog, it will get excited. Try not to use its favorite toy, as it will ruin your perfect plan for this dog obedience training. To play fetch, you need to teach three things to the dog. These steps are easy and can easily be the simplest agenda in a dog obedience program. You need to teach the dog to get the toy, give it to you and let go of it.

Start by throwing the toys not far away, say 1 to 2 feet in this step. Motivate your puppy to get the toy. Then, try to attract its attention by calling its name or even clapping your hand.

This way, your puppy will go back to you. When the little dog comes to you, remember to praise it verbally and with a joyful character at this part of the training. Distract it with another toy or with a small treat so it will release the toy in its mouth. Teach your dog to hand the toy to you with simple instructions like 'Give it to me' apart from the treats. It is a good practice so the dog will remember these steps.

Usually, dogs will happily give the toy they have when it sees another toy in its owner's hands. After repeating these steps a few times during dog obedience program, your pet will soon learn the basics to play fetch. You can now throw the object farther as an advanced dog obedience learning session. Then, you can change the tool you use in the dog obedience program like using Frisbees. It will be a fun way to conduct dog obedience program.

When you have completed the dog obedience program, you will see that the whole family will enjoy playing fetch with the dog. After all, it is worth the effort that you put in during the dog obedience training.

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