Learning What Breed Of Dog You Have

Have you often wonder what your dog is because you found him at the pound? Most often the pound has a small clue as to the identity of breed for a dog, however you may still wonder about the characteristics they are displaying. To determine your dog's breed you need to know a few things about dogs in general. The following are a few tips for determining the breed of dog you have. First asking the vet or the people at the pound can give you a small idea about the dog you have. Most dogs have specific physical characteristics that separate them from other breeds.

For an example if your dog is part German Shepherd they are most likely going to have the dominant color pattern of the German Shepherd. Other dogs may be a mix of some many different breeds that you will have a hard time figuring it out. The hair color is one of the most important aspects you can view. If they have short hair or long hair, and whether it is soft or coarse. Most dogs tend to have a coarser hair than other animals.

Several breeds have short hair and there are of course those with extremely long hair. Once you have determined those characteristics you can look at their size. Again there are several dog breeds with several different sizes. You may have a mixed breed so that the height is that of one and the color is another. The facial structure will help you figure out the dominant characteristics of the dog you own. You can compare photos online if you have an idea as to the breed or mix of your dog.

The photos can help you determine the exact mixture of breeds that resulted. Most dogs have rather short ears so chances are the ears are yet another way to define a specific breed of dog. There are maybe ten breeds of dog that have long ears. The ears are generally as long as the face and can trail on the floor, such as the Basset Hound.

The personality will also help you in determining which breed is dominant. Most often a mixed breed will have a mixture of personalities, however some basic instincts are going to be apparent right off and this can help you determine the breed. At this point you may be wondering why it is so important to know your dog's breed.

For an example we will look at the Saint Bernard and Old English Sheepdog. These two breeds are prone to certain medical issues during their life. The Saint Bernard can have heart trouble while the Old English Sheepdog usually suffers from hip dysplasia. You need to know the mixture of breeds in your dog to help you care for the dog. You may not know the correct foods to feed them if you are not clear on the exact breed as some have digestive issues. You will also need to know if they are small children pets or that you should avoid the mixed breed because of small children.

There are several dogs that don't like to be around small children and can be quite aggressive. Other dogs can become aggressive when there is an introduction of a new pet or a new member of the family. It is best to know as much about your dog in order to learn training techniques and the best dog care you can give them. Dogs make some of the best pets, but not knowing a thing about their origins or their breed can lead to problems down the road for you and your family.

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