My Moo The Mighty Dog

I hung out with my old dog Mukunda, today, as I do every day. I took him to my friend Ellen's house and we exchanged the Mechano treatment, only after we tossed a few rounds of ball and marveled at how well Muki ignored Aslom, the cat. We complimented him on his good manners. I took him for several leisurely walks around Ellen's large city yard and we admired the spring crocus, and snow drops between dark green chive. During our treatments, Mukunda laid dutifully on the floor, looking our way occasionally with a laughing pant. He ate all of Aslom's cat food.

He had the run of that big old house and the yard, but he only wanted to be with us. Later, I took him to the Vets. Muki has a tumor on the left side of his body which has doubled in size since December. Frank, our Vet, had a look of concern on his face as he examined and palpated and probed.

He thought that Muki looked awfully fat but in reality, had only gained 4 pounds since the last visit. Was it all the cat food he ate earlier? Was it all the late night winter snacking? Frank wondered, Could it be ascites? Ascites is an ominous sign. The mere mentioned raised my pulse rate. Ascites is when the abdomen fills with fluid accompanied by a cancer that has metastized.

But Muki didn't have a heart murmur, a good thing. Before Frank would do the surgery, he did a chest xray and some blood work to determine the health--or illness--of my old dog. Holding him down on the xray table was a challenge, because he kept nipping the technician. Drawing blood was no picnic either.

He snarled a few times, but I whispered in his ear how much I love him. Naturally he calmed down because above all else, Muke loves the word "love." Muke and I were ushered to the waiting room to wait for results when our Great White Purinese neighbor, Baxtor, came in for an appointment with his mistress to assess his allergies. Muki and Baxtor immediately recognized each other and did a dance around the other. Muki journeys to see Baxter every morning and evening as a sacred ritual to begin and end the day.

So as I waited for the test results, inwardly knowing I must face any bad news that Frank might have, but also knowing that Mukunda is alert, loves to eat, loves to sprint to the edge of the property several times a day, (while at the same time, bothered by the fast growing tumor), so I did not have an ominous feeling about what news Frank might have about the test results. As much as I love my Mukunda, and as much as I don't want him to die, I know the time will one day come when he will die. And I will join him the moment I draw my last breath.

Frank came out and said, You have to see this xray!! It is gorgeous!! And, indeed it was: clear lungs, strong heart, succinct borders around the liver and abdomen. Wow!! All those Mechano treatments I give him are paying off!! as well as meals made from scratch, sprinkled with brewers yeast and dried stinging nettle that grows prolifically along the mighty Conestoga River bank that spans the front of our property. And Muke regularly meditates with the humans in the house.

He knows what "meditate" means. Then later, the blood work result revealed no elevation of white cells, perfect liver enzymes, platelets excellent, Calcium within normal range, and an above average hemoglobin level. Frank, I said, There's one more very important consideration.

Mukunda and I have never been apart. I take him on every vacation, I've never boarded him, and I work nights so he is always with another human being. He needs to know that I will not desert him during his operation. May I stay with him while he undergoes surgery? Without hesitation, Frank said, Of course, Kate. He is your baby. And I secretly wondered, How will I detach from my lovely beast? Strict Spiritual practice is in order to prepare for this event.

To Be Continued.

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