Persian Cats a Joy to Own

Many years ago as caravans plodded westward from Iran, it is believed that among the rare spices and jewels loaded on the backs of camels was also secreted an even rarer find, the longhaired cat. Although they were called Persian because of their country of origin, their exact beginnings are forever shrouded in hieroglyphic references from as far back as 1684 B.C. Persians have short, heavily boned legs supporting broad, short bodies with long.

flowing coats and sweet open faces that are distinct in their short, stubby noses and large, round eyes. It is a well-known fact that the Persian is paws down the most popular cat in America if not worldwide. They have gentle, sweet personalities and fit easily into most homes once they feel secure and loved, but are most comfortable in a secure and serene atmosphere. Persians are creatures of habit but will even adapt to a boisterous household with love and reassurance.

Persian cats make wonderful pets for people of all ages. They have quiet, melodious voices that are non-abrasive and pleasant to hear, and they communicate quite well with their large, expressive eyes, offering enduring and close companionship to their owners. Another of their wonderful qualities is that they don't typically like jumping or climbing up on high places. They like their paws firmly planted on the ground. They are a playful but not a demanding cat. Persians love to drape themselves on a chair or in a favorite window to sun themselves, often appearing like a valuable piece of decor in the room.

They are a constant source of joy and happiness, delighting their owners with tremendous responsiveness. Most cats should be kept indoors for their own safety and protection, but it is essential to keep Persian cats inside a protected environment. Their long, luxurious coats require constant maintenance like daily combing to avoid the formation of painful tangles and hairballs. It is also a good idea to give them an occasional bath, but only after a thorough comb-out and nail clipping. This will keep your Persian not only healthy and clean but also beautiful. Be sure to begin the bathing procedure while the Persian is still a kitten.

Cats and water usually don't mix, so it is best to get them used to bathing from little size on. Also, large eyes mean that your Persians will have a certain amount of tearing. A gentle face wash is recommended as needed. Aside from grooming difficulties, keeping your Persian indoors will help keep it safe from parasites, disease, and other outdoor "dangers". Well-bred Persians are hearty, healthy cats that can easily live for fifteen to twenty years and some have even surpassed that.

Don't forget the annual trip to the veterinarian. As well as getting their disease prevention shots, there are screening procedures available to test for possible hereditary conditions.

For more specific information on Persian Cats, click here Persian Cats, for more cat breed care and information on all types of felines visit our main site The Feline Cart


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