Pet Training Let The Fun And Games Begin

All work and no play isn't much fun for anyone. This is especially true for someone who is trying to train a pet. If this pet is a dog, why not try having some fun while training your dog at the same time. You may have many irons in the fire but if are working on pet training with your dog you will need to fit time into your busy schedule to spend with your dog. Training and play time can go together and provide both of you the opportunity to learn and get to know each other better. When you play with your dog you are building communication skills.

These skills are necessary for successful pet training. You will both be learning how the other communicates by watching what the other does and how and when she moves. You will learn when your dog is ready to play and how to turn that play time into an appropriate experience. Another good thing about playing with your dog is that it provides exercise. When a dog is exercised she will be in a better frame of mind to learn.

Exercise also allows the dog time to be busy and keeps inappropriate behavior later in the day at a minimum. Standard pet training is a good idea and will enable your dog to become a well-behaved companion and friend. You may find that there are times when you and your dog become bored with regular pet training and need a little change of pace.

You can use play time to learn a new skill or practice one that has been previously taught. When you use fun and games as a way to enhance pet training you can let your dog know who is in charge. She will learn that you are the one who starts and ends an activity. You can teach or reinforce commands like; sit, stay, come, etc. As you progress you can add new commands to games that your dog enjoys. This will further your training and you will both be enjoying the time spend together.

This is a wonderful way to bond and your dog will be very aware that you are someone she loves to be with. She will also be more likely to obey you and follow your instructions. Play time is not just good for your dog.

When you take the time to play with your dog you can reduce your stress level and actually become a better pet owner and trainer. Play time may give you just what you need to get back into regular pet training. Get out and spend some fun time with your dog.

The benefits are many and can lead to a dog who is obedient and well-trained as well as relaxed and exercised.

Dustin Cannon is owner of Just Articles VIP and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about pet supplies Dustin recommends you visit: Pet Supplies For Your Precious Companions


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