Places to Adopt a Dog

Adding a pet to your home is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to know the proper care, grooming, and training needed for a pet, especially dogs, but you have to make the right decision when you go to adopt a pet. You have to be prepared to adopt the dog and know they depend on you. So while there are several things to consider when you adopt a dog you also have to decide where to adopt the dog from.

There are several places to obtain a dog that include breeders, kennels, rescue shelters, pet stores, humane societies, and private owners. Each place is going to offer you a little bit of a difference in the type of dog breeds available as well as their condition. Read further to find out what each place is like. Breeders: If you are looking for a dog of a certain mix or breed than you may want to go with a dog breeder.

A dog breeder works specifically with a certain breed to ensure the top of line dog. This means that they have a business, land, and a place to house healthy dogs. They may even offer training. Dog breeders are typically going to require a bit of your history with pets in an interview as well as seeing your place to make sure it is adequate. Dog breeders tend to charge a little more for the dog as they have taken care of the dog since infancy and they are raising an elite breed. These dogs are generally sold as puppies.

Kennels or Shelters: There are two types of shelters from your regular animal shelter to your rescue shelter. With a regular animal shelter you will find orphaned pets. This means that the dogs have either been lost and the owner cannot be found, the dog was raised wild, or someone had to give up their pet for a variety of reasons.

Shelters will also take in unwanted pets from litters. Most often you will find older dogs in a shelter, but in some cases there will be puppies. The fees usually include adoption, neutering, and vaccinations as part of the actual adoption process. Most often in an animal shelter you will find a mixed dog breed or a mongrel. You may find some well known breeds in the shelters like terriers or golden retrievers.

Generally a dog that is well bred is sold by the owner rather than given to a shelter. A rescue shelter operates a little different. The rescue shelter takes dogs away from abusive owners, dogs that have been rescued during fires or other natural weather issues like Hurricane Katrina, and those who have been abandoned and may be hurt.

They nurse the dogs back to health before finding a loving owner. Most of the dogs from rescue shelters will have special needs emotionally and physically based on the trauma they may have sustained. Human Societies: These types of places are also animal shelters.

They house unwanted animals or dogs they have found on the streets. Most often you will not find a particular breed in the shelter, but a mix of breeds, and of course mixed breeds of dogs. These types of places want to make sure there are good homes, but work as non profit agencies so donations are taken rather than fees. Pet Stores: A pet store usually carries a breed of dog. In other words there are usually not mixed breeds of dogs, but Huskies, Terriers, Dalmatians and other well known dog breeds that most pet owners are interested in. They can also work as the middle person in finding a breeder with the dog you would like to adopt.

Keep in mind that pet stores will offer an increase in price on the dog above the animal shelters or humane societies. Private Owners: A private owner is someone who is not a breeder, but has recently had a litter of puppies and tries to sell them or give them away for free. In this case you will not have the shots or neutering you may wish to have. While you may find a healthy dog for a reasonably price from a private owner they are not always the most well cared for. It will depend on the owner you seek. Keep in mind you can always go to a vet and have the dog checked for health issues and still adopt a wonderful pet.

There are many choices in adopting dogs. It really doesn't matter were you adopt from as long as you are willing to care and love for your new family member.

Tim Harrison is a writer from Leicester, England. He writes articles for the website Dog. He also sells dog bowls on his website.


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