Romancing The Flowers Part Three

If you want to elucidate friendship, delight, welcome back, and say that you care, yellow roses would make your work easier. Orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. Give her two red roses, each with a note. The first note says, "For the woman I love" and the second, "For my best friend". White rose denotes expressions like heavenly, innocence, purity, humility, and happy love.

Yet another light tint amongst roses is Pink that means grace, gentleness, appreciation, and thank you. To add more to the assortment of the sort, peach roses are available to articulate gratitude, sincerity, and appreciation. A rare Lavender rose is the tint for love at first sight. Uniquely, Black roses denote farewell and death and are non-existent. Blue denotes the impossible.

Likewise, blue roses again do not exist. A thorn less rose denotes love at first sight. Exclusively, a Red and a White rose together means unity. Roses are used in cosmetics since they have astringent and cooling qualities that enhance the texture of skin and hair of all types.

Besides, lipsticks, blush on, eye shadows and nail paints are given signature tints of rose which are adorable to females all over the globe. A token of remembrance, Rosemary is an herb used in cuisines, lemonades and curing ailments. A painkiller, rosemary treats headaches, rheumatism, and epilepsy to name a few.

Dandruff and premature baldness is taken care of. Essential oils of rosemary used in aromatherapy. They are little light blue blossoms also known as dew of the sea in Latin. The Saffron Crocus offers a spice, which is costliest of all. Due to its golden yellow or golden orange color, saffron is commonly used as coloring agent in cooking and dyeing yarns and as a seasoning in various dishes all around the globe. However, saffron found its substitute in safflower and turmeric, it has its peculiar worth and significance.

The three stigmas connected to the female reproductive organ of the flower is the saffron that is dried and used. Saffron would be a native in Greece, initially. Today, Greece, Turkey, India, Iran, Spain, and Morocco are saffron producing areas. Yearly harvested crop, Sunflower is a perennial, not only a beautiful adornment but also bears oil producing seeds.

It depicts one of the colors of the Sun, yellow. The sunflower turns its sunny face towards the radiant Sun. Probably originated in South or Central America and in Asia. Pansy, chamomile, and mustard are some of the other edible flowers that make good recipes and herbaceous medicines. Bulbous and large, Tulips belong to the lily family.

Tulips are dwelling mostly in Europe, North Africa, and in Asian countries like China and Japan. However, tulips in their various forms are commonly found in various parts of the world. They have bulbous roots. Tulips are large, available in all bright shades, red, yellow, pink, white, and orange. Narcissus flowers have dwelled in the hearts of many poets and writers. Very unusual, these blossoms bring out a central corona like a trumpet, with petals around.

Narcissus is Latin name for Daffodils. White, yellow, pink and many more tints are available in this bulbous clan of Daffodils. Certain Daffodils are poisonous. Daffodils are native to the Mediterranean but also found in many parts of the world. The Narcissus is the national flower of the Wales, one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom. In addition, known as Common Gardenia, Gardenia Augusta, Gardenia Florida, and Cape jasmine, Gardenia Jasminoides are extremely fragrant, white or ivory colored, waxy textured and make good cut flowers.

These can be planted in pots as well. Possibly, they have originated from China. The leaves are glossy and of dark green color. The name Gardenia is named in honor of the American naturalist Alexander Garden. Famous for sweet, edible and charming, sweet fragrance, Honeysuckles spread freshness in the air.

This strongly scented flower is distributed in various parts of the globe in distinct varieties. Honeysuckles have medicinal uses, especially in homeopathy. The European Honeysuckles that are creamy whitish in color dominate mainly in Europe. They bear red fruits. Continued in Romancing The Flowers Part Four.

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