The Benefits Of Dog Ownership

It is believed that man and dog forged a partnership back in the cave man era. When supposedly a dog followed 'man' on a hunting expedition and later sat close by eating the bones tossed aside by the hunter. In today's modern home 'man's best friend' is still with us, providing unconditional love in return for his basic needs, food, warmth, shelter and affection. But underneath the simple partnership lies the true benefits of sharing your home and life with an animal. Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding tasks you have ever undertaken.

From the moment you hold that tiny bundle of fluff in your arms, you know that your life will never be the same again. One of the chief advantages of living with your faithful friend is companionship. Your dog will always be there for you. Ever loyal, no matter what your mood, if you are happy tails will wag and they will want to share your joy.

On your bad days, they sense this and a head will snuggle into your lap. Two large eyes will look into yours as you stroke his head, your anger or depression will ease your heart rate decrease. Security for your home is unrivalled burglars can be deterred slightly by alarm boxes. However the teeth, growl and bark of an unknown canine assailant will make the average intruder think twice before jumping your fence or smashing your window. There are insurance companies who will give you a reduction for having a dog in your house.

The health benefits to you cannot be ignored a happy contented dog must be walked daily. The fresh air and the exercise will improve your circulation. Relieve stress by calmly walking through the countryside watching nature at work, an abundance of wild animals and flowers will delight you, see the birds as they soar through the sky. Save money, cancel your gym membership and jog around the park every morning instead. Whether young or not so young, daily exercise is important to your well being.

Having a dog by your side enables you to meet a lot of other people and dog walkers are very friendly. Make new friends, meet up for walks chatting as you go along. For anybody who does not in the course of their day mix with others, your daily outings could revitalise your social life. You may decide to enter your dog into one of the numerous dog shows held regularly around the country. Not all shows cater for top class pedigree dogs, these days any dog can enter into the 'Scruffs' events.

If your pooch wins a rosette, many owners are often happier than the animal. If energy is no problem try obedience training and take that onto the next level. Fast, energetic and highly addictive as competitors run round a dog size horse show jumping arena, racing against the clock with a lot of skill involved. At the end of the day your family pet, no matter which way you decide to lead his life, will always look up to you as his Master and will always be there for you. The most supportive faithful friend you could ever want to ask for.

If you want to have a laugh at what a really playful puppy can do then check out a daily diary of a puppy growing up, written by the puppy.


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