The Ragdoll Cat Breed

The history of the Ragdoll cat breed is filled with controversy and myths. This cat's origins often contradict itself depending on who tells the story and some of the Ragdoll's story is simply ridiculous. Some of the breed's history is factual, for example we know the breed was founded in California during the 60s.

The breed was started by Ann Baker, an eccentric woman that loved her cats. The very first Ragdoll cat belonged to Ann Baker and was named Josephine. Ann Baker recognized a characteristic in Josephine and her kittens that became the defining feature of the breed. Ragdolls simply go limp when you pick them up and hold them.

Ann Baker even trademarked the breed name so that anyone that wanted to breed the cats had to pay her a royalty. She founded the first registry for Ragdoll cats but eventually lost control of the breed partially due to her wild claims and erratic behavior. This characteristic of going limp when held is where Ann Baker's wild stories come from. It all started when her cat Josephine was hit by car.

On one account Ann Baker said she rushed Josephine to a nearby University to be treated for the accident. Ann Baker's story goes to to say that Josephine's DNA was altered and this is where the characteristic limpness comes from. Another wild claim made by Ann Baker was that her cats were impervious to pain. She said her cats were genetically altered not to feel pain and were actually alien feline hybrids. Watch out Fox Mulder; there have been alien hybrids roaming the earth since the 1960s. Ann Baker made other bizarre claims stating her cats had no fears or allergens and were in fact perfect for pet owners that suffered from cat allergies.

When it comes to the beginnings of the Ragdoll cat breed, Ann Bakers stories truly are stranger than fiction.

If you'd like more information on ragdoll cats, visit Ben Harper's ragdoll cat website, discussion form and read the ebook, Ragdoll Cat Secrets.


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