Treats For Your Canine Friends

Should dogs have treats? Will they make your older dog overweight? Are any dog treats really healthy? Are there dog snacks that are dangerous? Where can you find these treats? Could you make your own dog snacks? These are questions you may be asking yourself if you own a dog or are considering a gift of treats for a favorite canine. There are tons of treats that are especially made for dogs. If your dog eats a healthy, balanced diet there is no reason that your dog can not enjoy a snack or two from time to time. Some dogs have medical issues and should avoid snacking but this is something you can discuss with your vet.

You may have a dog who is allergic to some foods. If this is the case you may still be able to find a treat that will not trigger problems for Fido. Be sure to ask about any health or allergy concerns if you are thinking of presenting a sack or box of treats to a dog that you do not own. As an owner of an older dog or a dog who is not exercised on a regular basis you may need to limit the treats to special occasions or use them as a reward.

When canines age they can experience weight gain just like their adoring owners. One good place to shop for dog treats is online. You will be able to find sites that feature all kinds of special treats for that wonderful dog in your life. You will want to check out the ingredients of any dog snacks you plan to purchase. As you may already know, the dog biscuit is a favorite treat of many dogs. Not only can you buy dog biscuits in many sizes you can also find them in lots of various flavors.

If you are looking for something a little more extravagant than the regular dog biscuit you may want to start shopping around for gourmet treats. These treats are made in fun shapes like fire hydrants, cats, hearts and bones. Some even come frosted or with sprinkles. You will also be able to find cupcakes made just for man's/woman's best friend and while you are at it don't miss the doggy doughnuts, tarts and cookies. There are even muffins, sushi rolls and steak bites.

For those vegetarian types you can stock up on veggie treats, too. Those in the mood for baking their own doggie treats are in luck. Recipes abound and you will be able to make treats that have liver, peanut butter, cheese, chicken, oatmeal, or a tasty combination. Dog treats are made for the most discerning of dogs. Give your dog the gift of a special treat today and watch those eyes light up and that tail wag!.

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