Why are TensofMillions of Cats and Dogs Contracting Human Type Diseases

For all the scientific advances of the industrial age (since late 1930s) cats, dogs and humans are on a very slippery slope in this, the early 21st Century. Gastrointestinal and immune diseases are epidemic. There are over 150 million domestic cats and dogs in the United States alone! If only 10% of them are unhealthy that represents some 15 million cats and dogs. It is good to be a veterinarian today.

Cats and dogs suffer with; Allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Constipation, Crohns Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney and Urinary Infections, Feline Leukemia, and Dog Cancer, to name just a few of the human diseases and disorders afflicting them. How many people and pets do you know who are taking multiple medications? Do you know any person or pet that has been cured by taking medication? Me neither. It would seem medications are not the answer. So what is? Well, self control, for starters.

Do you really think a few pharmaceutical pills can make up for a lifetime of bad habits? And what toll do both of these take on future generations? Clearly, they come with a high price. What exactly do we share in common with our pets? We breathe, eat, drink, and sleep. We live ever more stressful lives. Within these most basic shared elements lay the answers to: Why? The United States population doubled since 1950! Housing, feeding and transporting 300+ million people comes at the expense of cutting down billions of acres of oxygen giving forests.

AIR: Increasingly, each generation since 1950 is breathing a lot less oxygen and a lot more carbon dioxide. Chemical cleaners can be very toxic, especially to pets walking and breathing nearest the floor. These chemicals can burn. Pets often lick their paws to remove the burn only to ingest the chemicals. These can not be good things, but they are not the most pressing issues. WATER: Bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar industry because we rightfully fear the innumerable chemical residues commonly found in tap water; let alone what even more dangerous chemical combinations these toxic residues might become.

This is a biggie, but not the biggest! We are multi-tasking our tails off, juggling bills, work, family, home, relationships- now that is stress! Where sharing full course meals daily with family was once common, meals have been reduced to a necessity; mostly ingested on the fly, or in front of the computer. SLEEP: Deprived does not begin to describe our collective condition. People are overworked, underpaid and sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation contributes to stress. Pets are very sensitive to your stress. It adds to theirs.

FOOD: Out of necessity, it has become a Fast Food World, loaded with empty calories, and refined sugars; meaning they contain little to no fuel to support our bodies immune systems. We turn to caffeine and refined sugars for a buzz. Coca Cola sells 500 million bottles every day! What does not help keep us healthy makes us unhealthy! If you want to get healthy, and stay healthy, you only need to look at what healthy minded people are doing.

While they struggle with many of the same stresses, they are minimizing their health risks by not drinking, cooking, and probably not even bathing or doing laundry in tap water. While they may cheat from time to time, they seldom eat fast foods, junk foods, or drink colas; many have sleep numbered beds and air purifiers. They shop in natural food markets, which also offer alternative foods for cats and dogs. And while that is a step in the right direction, the best and simplest way to restore and maintain your pets health is to look at what their wild relatives eat- fresh kill with a side of soil based organisms (SBOs)! When a house cat or dog gets a chance, they will head right for grass and dirt. Why? They instinctively know that grass and dirt contain microflora and soil based organisms (SBOs) that are essential digestive aids.

SBOs are in fact, the missing link to restoring and maintaining GI health. Quote: Fully 90% of all disease is caused by an unhealthy intestinal system. Royal Society of Medicine Great Britain Most domestic cats and dogs have little exposure to grass, besides, urban and most suburban grass is bathed in pesticides, insecticides, chemical runoff, and inorganic fertilizers.

The SBOs you and your pets need must now be grown and harvested under strict laboratory conditions. The next best diet to fresh kill for cats and dogs consists of raw (or very lightly cooked) fish, chicken and meat that are antibiotic and hormone free. Seeming miracles take place when raw foods are given along with SBOs, vital oils and digestive enzyme . SBOs are helping people and pets regain and maintain their health and vitality, even those struggling with the effects of chemo-therapy and toxic cancer medications.

That stated, millions of people (and pets) are so weakened from long term exposure to poor choices, as well as (and this being no fault of theirs) because they were born to generations of ever weakened mothers, or weaned prematurely from mother's milk. While everyone should supplement their diets with omega 3 based oils, and digestive enzymes, pets and people who are chronically ill need these, plus anti-inflammatory products. Until inflammation is resolved, no food, vitamin, mineral, or medication can work as intended. This fact is overlooked by most veterinarians and doctors. Individually any of the basic stress related elements we share with our pets can cause disease. Collectively, they represent a stacked deck.

It is often said that: Knowledge Is Power. Now that you have it, what will you do with it?.

The author of this article is Stephen Becker, a principal in Vitality Science, a company dedicated to natural alternatives to restore and maintain pet health.


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