Why It Is Wise To Consider Pet Insurance

No one has to tell you how important it is to have health insurance for you and your family. It is said that many families are one serious medical issue away from financial disaster. With the costs of doctors, hospitals, lab tests and medications, the fees can easily bankrupt a family. The same principle applies to your pet.

When you have a pet it becomes a full fledged member of the family. Your pet is with you during good times and bad times, often knowing instinctively when you are upset and trying in its own way to comfort you. They offer us protection from harm and listen to us with understanding compassion in their eyes. When the rest of the world seems to let you down, your pet is always there and it doesn't care if you don't look your best or are having a bad hair day. It accepts you with unconditional love and can make your troubles seem not as bad as they would were your pet not around to comfort you.

For this reason, many people wisely buy health insurance for their pet. They do this because medical care for animals can be just as expensive for pets and sometimes even more so. Yearly vaccinations and physicals can cost hundreds of dollars and if your pet becomes ill and needs to be hospitalized the fees can skyrocket into the thousands.

This may seem like a small price to pay to keep your pet alive and healthy but if those funds are not available it can be heartbreaking to consider the alternatives. What's important to remember is that when you obtain healthcare for your pets, you have to read over the policy as carefully as when you read over your own. You may be required to pay the doctor upfront for the care and then get reimbursed by the insurance company. There may be deductibles to pay and some things may not be covered such as lab tests or may require additional documentation in order to be reimbursed.

Medications may or may not be covered and certain procedures may have different coverage allowances. There may also be age factors involved. Some insurance carriers will only extend coverage to animals of a certain age, making the older ones ineligible so it's important to get the coverage when your pet is young. Pay attention to the different plans that insurance company is offering. Initially it may seem like the cheapest plan may be the most cost effective but if your pet becomes seriously ill it could end up costing you more in medical fees than the premiums for the more costly plans would.

Your pet is probably the best friend you will ever have, so make sure that its medical insurance is the best that you can provide for it.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as pet supplies at


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