Your Dog May Just Hold the Secret to Your Finding a Date and True Love

Is the dating game back on your agenda? If you have a dog, let Fido be your personal assistant. We all know our dogs truly love us unconditionally. If you're wanting to make this your year to really connect with someone and find that love of your life - your furry friend just may be your best source of judgment. So give Fido a shot. Let your pooch be your guide to seek out who's right for you. If your dog is a bit intimating to others in size and/or looks, soften their appearance to make him/her look more friendly.

Make your dog more approachable with an attractive collar, leash, or outfit. They say the best way to a person heart is through their stomach. Well, use that analogy too with your dog's help. Bring treats for your dog and let others be the one to do the rewarding. It's a great way to let others be involved and to start a conversation.

It's a great chance to make friends and/or hopefully the love of your life. Let your pooch start the conversation. Let your dog be the one to make the first move to your potential date. And, if they have a dog - see how they treat them as those who have well trained dogs, might raise well mannered children as well! Here are some tips: Date Bait - Go Fetch 1. Let your dog sniff out a good date a.

Our sense of smell is to dial up what our dogs is to broadband. Dogs have 220 million smell receptors to our 5 million. Trust that your dog will know who's a keeper.

2. Animal Instincts a. Dog lovers are more sexy - Radiate your sexiness. The presence of a dog makes everyone seem more approachable and fun. b. Go for a walk with Fido and nonchalantly pause when in view of a potential date.

It often opens the door to conversation. Play Time 1. You got the date! Begin your date with a walk a. People reveal more of themselves when there's no pressure. b.

It's free - you won't waste money on a bad connection. 2. Don't smooch your pooch or your date on the first date a. Especially if you think this may be the one, some things are better left for later.

b. Kissing your dog before you kiss your date, may leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. After the date 1.

Be as gracious as your dog a. A dog appreciates the time you spend with him/her, so be as polite as your dog. 2. Dogs don't lie - so why should we a. In such a high tech communication world, if you don't hear back within a few days after he/she said they'd call, it's best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Sheryl Matthys has two children, two greyhounds and is a certified dog trainer. As the Dogsexpert, and Founder of , Sheryl Matthys talks with dog lovers on how their dogs impact their personal relationships. Leashes and Lovers offers online connections, where dog lovers can search and connect around the world for friendship, doggie playdates, same breed of dog, and possibly love!


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